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Case Study: Should A CEO Be Charming?

Mr. M, the CEO of a large construction company, was excellent in construction work and devoted to his job.  However, he was impatient with his staff’s “silly” questions and wanted the team to follow his development model. He also liked to wear his college outfits wherever he went.  As a result, his chairman concerned his manner and image could cost their business opportunities.

The Executive 6Q Assessment found that Mr. M was excellent in schools, from elementary to university.  He had a healthy Ego and was sharp in decision-making, learning, customer needs satisfaction, etc.  However, he was weak in emotional control and expression, poor Public Relationship awareness, and had limited conflict management skills and leadership styles.

Bring Internal Charm Out
We recommended custom “Be Charming, Win Heart and Minds” to address his issues.   Mr. M quickly understood the gap between his self-awareness and others’ perception, his natural skills and professional levels, and developed the skills and styles needed.  In less than three months, he won the hearts and minds of his staff back.

Should a CEO be charming?  Of course!   Our CEO studies have found that no CEO can achieve desirable results if others cannot perceive his or her leadership properly.  People skills or physical appearance alone cannot make a charming CEO, not to mention an exceptional CEO.  Being charming also means less conflicts and resistances to handle and more hearts and minds to win.

Most CEOs do 1 of 2 things: (1) speak to other CEOs and ex-CEOs and (2) talk to a professional coach.  The first can advise Mr. M based on their experiences, and the second mainly encourages Mr. M. to find his own solutions or give him some EQ tools and behavior modification.  Neither could solve Mr. M’s problems quickly.  For more discussion, please read Identify  Your Missing Software, Go from Good to Great Efficiently Chapter 5.

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Catch the Development Needs of a Leader before “the 360 Degree Assessment”

Great leaders are the key for an institution to go from good to great.   To identify the development needs of a leader ahead of time and take early action will enable both institutions and individuals to achieve more and better than to do so after they step on the spot, based on the 360 Degree evaluation.   This is what we called “Catch the Development Needs of a Leader before the 360 Degree Assessment.”  When the leader grows, institutions can also benefit from greater leadership and management continuity.

Many people wonder- how can The Prince Synergy catch development needs of a leader before 360 degree?  A person’s internal structure and capacity usually remains the same unless significant events emerge.  The capacity that each task requires can be estimated.   What challenges other institutions, including top MBA, is how to anticipate the capacity change under raining days and storm since they cannot get to the entire 6Q structure but tech, behavior or psychometrics alone.   However, this is not an issue to us.

Leadership Development History Review

Looking back, IQ was over estimated in leadership development until Daniel Goleman brought in EQ.  Lominger expanded a part of IQ and EQ– breadth of experience, operation, and motivation– and add Learning Q.   Michael Porter strengthened IQ with strategy and competitiveness.  Peter Drucker perfected management.  Jim Collins defined 5 levels of leadership within the 3Q.  But no anticipation and solution if leaders crash in setbacks and failures (Adversity Quotient, AQ) or lose health (Health Quotient, HQ) due to work stress.

However, all 6Q are integrated, for example, poor AQ and HQ can shut down IQ, EQ and LQ.    It is impossible to know the root cause(s) without knowing ALL associated facts.  Subsequently, it is impossible to anticipate development needs of a leader, take the right action, and achieve fast and lasting results.   It takes the right talent, knowledge, learning, innovation, motivation, resilience, resources, energy, and others to meet new challenges and beat setbacks and failures.

Behaviors are the reflection of the underlying 6Q structure and often change as environments change, especially under failures.  For example, Napoleon committed suicide after the Allies defeated him, which was not his normal behavior.   To save his life would not change his environment but only gave him the opportunities to rise again.   He had to change his capacity in order to defeat the Allies.  Unfortunately, he did not succeed. To help CEOs go from good to great and become exceptional is the same.   The 360 degree can observe behaviors but not the causes and potential issues beneath; therefore, behavior modification can be slow or unfruitful, and traditional leadership development that is based on the behavior approach has poor impact.

By evaluating individuals’ underlying 6Q structure and the challenge ahead, we can anticipate the development needs of a leader at different processes and stages and take early action.   Can He Handle the Job?  is a good example.  The Executive 6Q Assessment is the core assessment that scans elements needed at different processes and stages like MRI.  Please watch the video “Find the Missing Tools in Motivation” for a live illustration

In addition, leaders are needed most in uncertainty and complexity that often require more than IQ, EQ and behavior tools that top MBA and firms provide.  The unique development needs of a leader can be personal, interpersonal and organizational, for example strategy, leadership style, talent management, etc.  A lack of the right tool make many possible impossible and turn months into years.

 (Leadership & Performance MRI)

There were 253 CEO Replacements at Fortune 1000 in 2014, Man: Woman = 252:1.   Would it be better to catch the development needs of those CEOs before the final 360 degree evaluation and empower them with the right tools?  It is easy to understand that leaders’ internal structure makes the difference between good leaders and great ones.    In fact, the challenges that they have to meet and the tools that they have also contribute to their success, which is also called “luck.”.   Just imagine what would have happened if Franklin Roosevelt had to run marathon.  The time, place and tools all matter. 

Want to catch your development needs before 360
Take a quick quiz 

Benefits to Catch Development Needs of a Leader before 360 Degree

Too many.  In general, it enables leaders to leverage human capital more efficiently:
1. Take early action.
2. Inspire, excite and keep others efficiently.
3. Use the right people.
4. Build a high-performing team.
5. Shorten the time and money needed to achieve goals.

How Can The Prince Synergy Catch Development Needs of a Leader before the 360 Degree Assessment?

Our services are the integration of Business, Law, and Medicine (including Psychology, which allows us to evaluate a leader at macro and micro levels.  Our founder invented the 6Q Whole System Approach at clinics when she was looking for tools to help her patients beat setbacks and stay healthy.   Many case studies in this book What Stops Leaders from Good to Great are the successful examples of the 6Q Whole System Approach.   Here are some: 
1. Should a  CEO be Charming?
2. Eliminate Stress with the Right Law
3. Can He Handle the Job?

Can The Prince Synergy foresee Everything in the World?

We wish so.  However, we know how to handle setbacks and failures and can enable leaders to be ready for the worst.

The world is changing fast.  Different challenges demand different capacities.  What is insignificant today can be significant tomorrow.   What is significant today can lose value over night.  The fast CEO Replacements at Fortune 1000 in 2014 can be minimum had businesses anticipated their development needs and taken early action.   To catch the development needs of a leader requires a systemic approach.    For more information, please read the book What Stops Leaders from Good to Great.

A Right Start, A Strong Start is the diagnostic program that enables leaders to catch their development needs before the 360-degree assessment and choose the best follow-up strategies, models and group practices.   All leadership group classes are linked together.   Leadership, from Good to Great is the All-in-One program.

How we help clients

The Prince Synergy Team


Case Study: Eliminate Insomnia and Stress with the Right Law

An attorney came for insomnia and anxiety.  Because his parents left all their money to him but nothing to his sister, his sister kept on suing the family, and he had to manage.  Subsequently, he developed insomnia due to stress and anxiety.  He had visited several other firms before he came to us and was quite familiar with standard maneuvers, such as position change.  Our consultant asked him if his family had set up a family fund. He said no.   Thus, our consultant told him, “Set up your family fund, so you do not have to give your 40% to Uncle Sam but give it to your sister.” The attorney was speechless.  No more sleeping pills and therapies needed for his insomnia due to stress.


85-90% of executives suffer from insomnia due to stress.  The percentage is lower in other groups.  The key to successful management is to get to the root cause and target issues with the right tools, including Law, instead of one for all.  Deep breathing, positive thinking, and others are too general.  Smoking, alcohol and drugs often come with long-term damage.   Physical and mental health management is a part of health quotient.

Furthermore, the law utilization is an important part of Level 5 leadership. Winners not only know the right law, but also can seek opportunities between laws, and create their own.  The key is to think without a fixed frame, which is also essential to building Level 5 leadership.  To help leaders and elites use Law, think without a fixed frame, and manage stress, insomnia and other stress-related health issues is a part of The Prince Synergy Level 5 leadership program curriculum.

Do you have the right tools to deal with insomnia due to stress? 


Video: How to Get Healthy, Stay Healthy under Stress?

Video Transcript:

Studies have found that about 100% of CEOs and 80% of elites suffer from stress.  Most people deal with stress with limited symptom relieves, for example meditation, deep breathing, music, yoga, smoking, alcohol, drug, and food.  These methods can relax mind and body but do not solve problems, so the same stress will come back.

A good stress management requires two parts—the right tools to meet challenges and relieve stress.  Usually, the root cause of stress is a lack of the right tools to meet challenges, which can be technical and psychological.  Individuals need symptom relief to keep a clear mind and body.  Because human body can quickly develop immunity to one tool, it is better to have 4-5 relaxation methods for stress at each level.

Without the right tools, productivity and creativity can suffer.   People can develop stress related illnesses or worsen existing ones, for example, heart attack, stroke, insomnia, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc.  I first met this group at the clinics.  In fact, medical treatments are also symptom relieves since they cannot provide the tools to meet challenges, and can become increasingly expensive if the stress keeps coming back.

The key to deal with stress and stay healthy is to find the “missing software” to achieve your goal.  When you are ill, have your root cause of stress and symptoms taken care at the same time.

What can be the challenge?   Each person has 6Q.  You probably already know IQ, EQ and Learning Quotient.  Individuals also need Adversity Quotient (AQ) to manage storm, Health Quotient to keep energy and public influence Q to utilize resources.  Complex tasks usually involve the whole 6Q system, where every element at each step and stage matters.   100% of CEOs suffer from stress because they mainly handle complex issues.

However, schools mainly give us some tools in IQ and EQ.  Hospital can cover some health issues.  To find the missing tools to solve your unique issue, you need to explore more, which can be struggling.  In addition, a sad truth is that not every doctor want you to get to the root cause of your stress because they want you keep going back to them.

I first helped people deal with stress related illnesses during my residency.  I noticed that, usually, once I found their missing tools, many got well quickly, including the same day.  Their re-occurrence rates were minimum.  That is how I invented the 6Q whole system approach.

You can deal with stress and stay healthy with the right tools.   Come to our 2-hr webinar for hands-on experience or attend our class, “Be Happy & Be Your Own Doctor First!


The Best Holiday Gift to Your Family & Friends for 2018

In this holiday season, would it be great to connect with your family and friends more deeply?  What is the best holiday gift?  Flower?  Candy?  Spending time together?  These are all great holiday gifts.  However, the best is the solutions to the “intractable issues” to fulfill their dream and be their best.

Unlike computers, human capacity can fluctuate under change and storm, which involves adversity Q, health Q, and public influence Q besides IQ, EQ, and learning Q. Behaviors can mainly reflect the 6Q structural change instead of making the change. About 30-40% “intractable issues” in leadership and performance are born because IQ, EQ and behavior tools alone cannot solve complex problems efficiently.

Where will the approach difference impact? Many areas, for example,

  • How to optimize innovation and build resilience to build Level 5 leadership
  • How to choose the right talent to optimize success
  • How to stay healthy under stress and minimize healthcare costs (e.g: insomnia, headache, fast aging, heart attack, stroke, etc)
  • How to help children learn faster and better when motivation does not work.

To fulfill dreams in this fast-changing world, it is better to go beyond traditional EQ & IQ approaches, get to the root causes of behaviors, identify “missing software,” and make learning as easy as possible. By doing so, you often can be 10 times faster than others and identify efficient solutions to 30-40% of “intractable” issues.

A lot of time can be saved. Many dreams can come true, stay alive or continue.

In the holiday season, we first like you to view things differently, so you can choose the best holiday gift for your family and friends efficiently:

In addition, we offer $400 -1000 discounts to many of our book, classes and programs to make the best holiday gift more available.

There is also a special bonus: free Executive 6Q Assessment to investment $6000 & above ($1800 value). The discounts and bonus will expire on Dec 31, 2017.

Happy Holidays! Have a Wonderful 2018!!

Please feel free to contact us with your concern.

The Prince Synergy Team


Overcome Development Bias, Take Your Leadership & Team to Level 5!

Many leaders and elites do not understand we offer class on how to deal with stress and stay healthy.  We do so because many leaders and elites cannot sleep under stress, which takes away their leadership and performance.   Although it is not directly related to leadership, “unable to handle stress & insomnia” can disarm leadership and performance.  It is only by knowing all direct and indirect factors associated with leadership, we can develop leadership efficiently.  Do you agree?

Many issues in leadership development are intractable due to partial approaches.  For example, when addressing conflict management, most people would think of leadership styles, skills or EQ.  In fact, conflict management also involves vision, structure design, rule creation, and more.  Unless you know what is available, what is underutilized, it is hard to improve conflict management efficiently.  A sharp mind and high energy are always fundamental.

What looks complex may be simple if you can get to the root causes.  For example, many leaders are interested in Authentic Leadership, which is “Be Yourself” leadership, not “Be Your Best” leadership (Level 5 leadership).   “Be Yourself” is the first step to “Be Your Best.”  In order to “Be Your Best,” you need to build more efficient internal and external structures.  How to do so?  By evaluating every direct and indirect associated factor, getting to the root causes, and targeting issues with the right tools, which is called the 6Q Whole System Approach (WSA).

The above principles also apply to team performance.
   The team will be stronger and tougher if they can stay at their optimal level of function.   They can grow faster and better through the WSA.   To do so, you first need to overcome development bias and look at all direct and indirect factors associated.

The challenge and responsibilities leaders and elites have to face today often require them to be at their 100%.  We empower leaders and elites to strengthen society.  The more complex their issues are, the better the WSA stands out.  Give yourself or your people a try, and Be Your Best!!

Together, we can change the world for the better.


Case Study: Get 10-15 Years Back in 2 Weeks!

An executive found herself aged 10-15 years in one week.  She usually looked 10-15 years younger than average.  A week ago, she had to handle an issue beyond her capacity.  Afterwards, she went to see a Financial Adviser for retirement planning.  To her surprise, the Financial Adviser guessed her real age.  She quickly looked into a mirror, and only found that she looked terrible.

There were many traditional ways for wellness restoration, but none of them could help her:
* Rest and Nutrition: not specific to her situation.
* Motivation: will only burn her out more.
* Massage, Skincare and Psychotherapy: helpful, but not powerful enough.
* Pills, Surgery, Acupuncture or Herb Tea: cannot solve her issue well.

Restore Internal Supply
What she needed was to restore her internal supply fast and then learned to meet her challenges efficiently.  She became five years younger again two nights later, and almost the same as before two weeks later.  Because she did not have to face the same challenge again, we advised her to meet challenges with right resources and tools in the future.


Fast aging is a common stress-related health issue among executives and elites who strike to achieve their most and fail to maintain self properly.   Some people only show fast aging with no other symptoms.  Fortunately, the executive above did not have to face the same challenge again.  Otherwise, she could suffer from fast aging again.   Knowing personal maximum comfort zone and taking good care of self is essential not only to success, but also to personal health as well as family, friends and businesses that depend on you.   This is one example why executive health management can be very challenging.

Many institutions provide employees a health risk assessment and a biometric screening that evaluates individual medical history, health status, lifestyle as well as risk factors such as body weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, stress, and nutrition.  However, Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening miss the impact of external challenges on a person’s health.  Many leaders and elites can suffer from heart attack, stroke and other stress-related health issues even if they are a vegetarian and an athlete with no past and family medical history.  To use partial assessments and then pay for endless and expensive symptom relieves is one significant cause of today’s skyrocketing healthcare costs.  Read more.

PS: please go to the hospital first for abnormal physical signs.  The Prince Synergy is not a clinic or a hospital.