Restore A Healthy Mind, Beat Addiction, Prevent Suicide

Mental health has to do with individuals AND their environments. Those who cannot overcome challenges can develop an addiction, anxiety, depression, or lose hope and commit suicide.

Traditional approach focuses on individuals and uses behavior tools before individuals are “ill’ and Western medicine afterwards. However, outside world matters, and different challenges require different internal and external resources. Partial tools cannot solve all issues, and self-explore can be inefficiently if used alone.

How Will We Help Clients?

We evaluate individuals at micro and macro levels, get to the root causes of their behaviors and make learning and implementation easy. Then many individuals can regain hope, stop suicide, recover fast or quit addiction with ease. 

Case Study 1:

Mr. Z was a great football player at high school and had a very successful business. Unfortunately, he lost all his money in oil market.  He drank heavily ever since and developed cirrhosis and gastric mass in 2 years.  Hospitals gave him blood, vitamin, fluid, discharged him after his vital signs became stable, and asked him to follow up with 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). By the time he was admitted to hospital for vomiting blood and met our founder, he looked like 70 years old when he was only 42.

Our Founder became the first one to discuss Adversity Quotient with him. Mr. Z quit alcohol addiction in 1 week. His liver and stomach recovered rapidly in the following 4 weeks.  

Case Study 2:

Many TBI survivors commit suicide due to the loss of cognitive power and the pain to settle for less. We help them regain cognitive function to restore their hope and stop suicide.

The world does not challenge only your strengths. Many people handle setbacks and failures via drinking, smoking, drugs and other unhealthy means and develop addiction and various health issues.

Without getting to the root cause, partial tools can easily become expensive and endless symptom relieves, wasting life and money.

Contact us with your issue even if it is impossible to others.