BYBSH is a part of The Prince Synergy. We believe everyone has the right to be their best and stay healthy. We help individuals stay healthy, be their best and recover fast if needed. We help businesses know their talent, optimize productivity, and save healthcare costs. We also provide solutions and strategies to achieve healthcare Quality, Affordability and Equality.


  • We evaluate individuals at micro and macro levels, explore health and non-health causes*, and get to the roots of their behaviors.
  • We fully utilize health and non-health tools to optimize healing at all 3 stages.
  • We think outside the box and often provide faster and better results, solve the issues that no one else can, and save BIG money. How we handle heart attack, traumatic brain injury and addition and mental health are typical examples.
  • We anticipate issues and help clients take early actions, make wise investments, and free up more resources to achieve more.
  • Above all, we have been there and found breakthroughs because of the pain.

Contact BYBSH with your issue even if it is impossible to anyone else.

How We Help Clients

*Each person is an integrated 6Q system (IQ, EQ, Learning Q, Public Influence Q, Adversity Q and Health Q), linked with their outside world.  About 70 % of health issues have non-health causes (related to their 6Qs and outside world), and poor IQ and EQ performance can also have non-IQ and non-EQ causes.  Behaviors mainly reflect the underlying 6Q systems. Each tool has its comfort zone.

PS: clients need to come to us when they are medically stable as BYBSH does not provide emergent care.