BYBSH (Be Your Best & Stay Healthy) is a part of The Prince Synergy.  We believe everyone has the right to be their best, stay healthy, and nothing can ensure human rights, freedom, creativity and success better than individuals’ inner power.  We deliver groundbreaking solutions to restore inner power and improve healthcare quality while beating the skyrocketing costs with our endless passion for freedom and creativity.


Outside challenges impact about 70% of health issues, which is why today’s healthcare model is bio-social. Healthcare alone often become endless expensive symptom relieves since it does not help survivors meet challenges efficiently. With more tools, many years of treatments can become months, weeks or days, and many dreams, lives, and millions of healthcare dollars can be saved. Heart Attack and Traumatic Brain Injury are two typical examples.

Unlike others,
• We look at a BIGGER picture, assess survivors at MACRO and MICRO levels, explore MORE root causes and can fully utilize health and non-health tools (Eastern and Western medicine and 6Q tools), which we call The 6Q Approach. We often find faster and better solutions and the solutions that no one else can.
• We make learning/implementation as easy and fast as possible and often show results quickly.
• While providing faster and better results, we also save costs significantly, for example, our solutions for Heart Attack and Traumatic Brain Injury.

We focus on Heart Attack and Traumatic Brain Injury because heart and brain are the center of human inner power, and we have been there personally, know the pain, and can make significant differences. We are also interested in COVID-19 and other issues that impact millions of people as we enjoy finding faster and better solutions and the ones that no one else can.

Do not give up your issues without consulting us even if your issue is impossible to anyone else.

PS: clients need to come to us when they are medically stable as BYBSH is NOT a hospital.

How We Help Clients