Be Your Best & Stay Healthy Clinic is a part of The Prince Synergy

We help businesses and individuals manage their productivity and health based on their potential and future needs, meet tough challenges, be their best, and save significant costs with our endless passion for freedom and creativity.  


Each person is an integrated 6Q system linked with the outside world (IQ, EQ, Learning Q, Public Influence Q, Adversity Q and Health Q).  Health issues can have non-health causes, and poor performance or stress management can have non-IQ and non-EQ causes.  In addition, each tool has its comfort zone, including Western medicine.

Unlike others, we assess individuals at macro and micro levels, explore all associated causes, fully utilize Eastern and Western medicine to optimize medical healing and target non-health causes with the 6Q assessment and tools, which we call the 6Q Approach.

We often solve the issues that others cannot at all 3 stages or provide faster and better results, and save BIG money. Our breakthroughs in heart attack and traumatic brain injury are two typical examples.  

Do not give up your issues without consulting Be Your Best & Stay Healthy Clinic even if your issue is impossible to anyone else.

PS: clients need to come to us when they are medically stable as BYBSHC is NOT a hospital.

How We Help Clients