Most people know that individuals need to stay healthy to be their best, and institution need to sacrifice Quality for Affordability and Equality. In fact, individuals also need to be their best to stay healthy. Institutions can achieve Quality, Affordability and Equality at the same tame.

BYBSH Clinic is a part of The Prince Synergy, who believes everyone has the right to be their best and stay healthy and has endless passion for freedom and creativity (BYBSH= Be Your Best, Stay Healthy). We help individuals manage health and productivity based on their current and potential needs, achieve faster and better results, turn impossible possible, and save big money. We help businesses enjoy excellent care at affordable prices and free up resources to achieve Equality faster and do more.


Each person is an integrated 6Q system linked with the outside world (IQ, EQ, Learning Q, Public Influence Q, Adversity Q and Health Q).  About 70 % of health issues can have non-health causes, and low performance can have non-IQ and non-EQ causes.  Behaviors mainly reflect the underlying 6Q systems, and each tool has its comfort zone, including Western medicine and EQ tools.

Unlike others,

  • We evaluate individuals at micro and macro levels, explore all causes, and get to the root causes of behaviors.
  • We know the comfort zone of health and non-health tools and can target issues with the right tools at different stages and think outside the box.
  • We often solve the issues that others cannot or provide faster and better results, and save BIG money. Our breakthroughs in heart attack and traumatic brain injury are two typical examples.
  • We anticipate issues, help clients take early actions and make wise investments.
  • With us, clients often can free up a lot resources to take care others issues.

Contact BYBSH Clinic with your issue even if it is impossible to anyone else.

How We Help Clients

PS: clients need to come to us when they are medically stable as BYBSHC is NOT a hospital.