Case Study: Shoot Burnout, Save Job


Case Study: Shoot Burnout, Save Job

Life is full of unexpected challenges.  Many individuals burnout and cannot get their job done.  Some even lose their jobs.  In fact, many of them can recover in days, if not hours, and get job done well or keep their jobs through the 6Q Approach.  Here is one example.

Case Study:

Mr. B, 38, with MBA and ten years of experience at a well-known leadership consulting firm in roles from consultant to local VP, was promoted to Regional Manager to boost regional sales and minimize turnover. Two months later, sales remained flat, and turnover had increased. His pregnant wife was very unhappy as he spent a great deal of time away from home due to the new job. His burnout was so bad that he was contemplating resignation when he met us.

Work from Inside Out
The Executive 6Q Assessment found Mr. B was an excellent consultant with many great leadership characteristics, such as decision-making, learning, EQ, persuasion, etc. However, he was weak in sales and marketing, and challenged in public influence, emotional expression, and energy restoration, and other that were not significant to a local VP.

We chose to optimize his emotion expression immediately to first take care of his family crisis so that he could recover from burnout and focus on his new job and later build intimacy with clients and colleagues.  In addition, we suggested customized learning to target the rest issues.

Recover from Burnout, Focus on His New Role
Through 30 minutes of training, he learned how to share his professional stress with his wife, win her understanding and support, and eliminated his family problems.   With the same skills, he also learned how to connect with clients and colleagues more deeply.   One week later, he gained more confidence with his new role and could connect with clients and colleagues more deeply.

After just 90 min assessment and 30 min training, Mr. B recovered from burnout, made a breakthrough, and saved his job and region.


Burnout is very common in workplace, secondary to stress.  Enough rest, exercise and social support are good but too general.  Individuals can recover quickly if we can get to the root cause and target issues with the right tools.  The above case is a good example.

Have you wonder what would happen had he gone to a coach to discover the solution on his own?   Why his leadership firm could not anticipate his development needs or support him efficiently during the crises?  You can find the answer in  What Stop Leaders from Good to Great Chapter 8.

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