In this fast-changing world, to get healthy and stay healthy is not just about diet, exercise, and breath.  It is more challenging to stay healthy under intense stress. Healthcare alone cannot take care of all illnesses, disabilities and deaths, especially when non-health causes exist.

BYBSH focuses on complex and costly health issues as we as we enjoy saving dreams, lives, and money, turning impossible possible, and can fully utilize different tools to optimize healing at each stage. In addition to heart attack, traumatic brain injury and addiction, here are more examples


  1. We look at the Big Picture of individuals, their environments and outside challenges.
  2. We target health and non-health issues with the right tools and optimize healing at incubation, acute, and chronic stages.
  3. We enable clients to achieve faster and better results and save BIG time and money.
  4. Also, we help clients evaluate their career, prevent re-occurrence and take early actions.
  5. We have been there and found breakthroughs because of the pain.

How to Work with BYBSH Clinic?

1. Check out the programs and contact us if you do not find the program for your issues.

2. Work with our consultants and doctors.

Most individuals have gone through traditional care (Western medicine) and have had excellent diagnosis, assessments, test results, symptom relieves, etc. We will evaluate overall health and non-health management, find what is missing and what can be done better and take action accordingly.

3. Follow up

We will follow up results and adjust action with you accordingly.

Contact us with your needs!