BYBSH Clinic focuses on helping individuals handle complex, expensive or time sensitive health issues to achieve faster and better results, turn impossible possible, and save big money, for example:

1. End heart attack early.

2. Bring dreams back to life from Traumatic Brain Injury beyond 2-year Plateau.

3. Optimize Adversity Q and Stop Bleeding.

4. Beat Burnout, Save Job!

5. Get Off Ventilator in 3-days.

6. Severe Insomnia, Fast Aging, and others.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We evaluate individuals at micro and macro levels, explore health and non-health causes, IQ, EQ and non-IQ and non-EQ causes, and get to the root causes of behaviors.
  • We know the comfort zone of different tools and fully utilize them at different stages. In addition, we often think outside the box.
  • We anticipate issues and help clients take early actions and save more money.

How to Work with BYBSH Clinic?

1. Check out the programs and contact us if you do not find the program for your issues.

2. Work with our consultants and doctors.

Most individuals have gone through traditional care (Western medicine) and have had excellent diagnosis, assessments, test results, symptom relieves, etc. We will evaluate overall medical and self management and add non-health 6Q tools and Eastern medicine if applicable.

3. Follow up

We will follow up results in 1 month, 2 month and 6 months and adjust action with you accordingly.

Contact us with your needs!