Stop Heart Attack Being #1 Killer for Men & Women!

Heart attack is the #1 cause of death for men and women since it is directly related to stress, a non-health cause, and life is often full of stress.

Traditional care mainly asks victims to “Avoid All Stress” or restricts their heart’s response to stress with pills after providing life support and relieving occlusion.   However, it is unrealistic for most people to “Avoid All Stress” to kneel for life. Pills also restrict their optimal performance, the key to their success.  Thus, many victims progress fast.

How Will We Help Clients?

We help them reduce their stress’ size and toxicity to their heart after they are medically stable. Then many men and women can end heart attack early or recover faster, be who they are, do what they need, and save about 80~90% of healthcare costs and productivity losses.

It feels GREAT to be who you are and do what you need AGAIN! Our founder can share with you how she beat a man-made heart attack and found the break-through.

How Is the Investment Return?

It is estimated that a heart attack can cost average $760,000~ $1 million in 20 years, per National Business Group on Health. One traditional cost can help 76~100 victims recover faster and better through the 6Q Approach.

Who Can Benefit from Additional Tools? 

  • Those whose heart issues emerge or get worse under stress or challenge-meeting.
  • Those who find it unrealistic to avoid all stress.
  • Those who desire to optimize their opportunities to success.
  • Those who can learn fast.

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Case Study:
How I Found the Breakthrough in Heart Attack