Recover from Heart Attack Faster

Heart attack is the #1 cause of death for men and women. A heart attack can cost average $1 million in 20 years for a severe heart attack and $760,000 for a less severe one, per National Business Group on Health. These numbers have a lot to do with that traditional approach mainly provides life support and asks victims to “AVOID ALL STRESS” before and after. With more tools, many victims can recover faster and save their dream, life and money like our founder.

What Makes Us Different?

The 6Q Approach means more to Takotsubo Syndrome victims as traditional approach cannot help them until they need life support, and many can recover before they need life support. For those with family history and risk facts, for example, Atherosclerosis, more tools can help them minimize the negative impact of stress, benefit from their medical treatment more, quit smoking and other poor stress management, and recover faster or stay well better.

Who Can Benefit from the 6Q Approach? 

Those who can learn and are medically stable.
Those whose heart issues emerge or get worse under stress or challenge-meeting. 

Genetic issues often cannot benefit from the 6Q Approach very much.

How Is the Investment Return?

It is estimated that one 20-year traditional treatment cost and productivity loss in heart attack, $760,000~ $1,000,000, can benefit 76~100 victims and save about $77,440,000.

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