Some Testimonials

Some Testimonials

“Dr. Yang provides a highly efficient and effective framework to diagnose leadership strengths and opportunities quickly through the Executive 6Q Assessment tool. Further, she is able to recommend solutions that go beyond traditional EQ/IQ based approaches by incorporating specific aspects of human behavior, considering a broader perspective to leadership that includes aspects of Adversity, Health, Public Influence and Learning with the 6Q Framework. I found the assessment and the session to be a productive investment of time and $s and would highly recommend it as an efficient way to quickly diagnose and build key leadership competencies.”
— a CEO who participated “Strengthen Your Leadership Rapidly


“I have personally taken their Executive 6Q Assessment, and have found it most useful in gaining a new understanding of both my strengths and weaknesses as an executive and a leader. It takes a lot to impress me, yet I am convinced that The Prince Synergy’s Whole System Approach works. Ms. Yang is able to offer concrete guidance on various personal and professional challenges, such as self-management and leadership style. I am fully confident that anyone who utilizes The Prince Synergy’s services will be satisfied, and will find Ms. Yang a very wise and unique resource in their life.”
–Rabbi Menachem M. Weiss MS, Executive Director; Nessah Synagogue and Sephardic Tradition And Recreation (S.T.A.R.), Beverly Hills California, 90211


“I have found Ms. Yang to be an intelligent, capable and perceptive counselor with a very positive attitude and an orientation to assist others to overcome adversity through inner strength and external resources.”
–David R Bristow, CEO, SIAG Risk Management at Spain


“Your training tells us what we often omit but critical to our work and life, very inspiring– we could have achieved much more and avoided many hardships!”
–Wendy Xue, Vice President, H-line Ogilvy


“We chose The Prince Synergy for its micro and macro structures in human capital training and management. I am very happy with our current productivity, business and reduced healthcare cost and absenteeism. My employees are satisfied with their insights and problem-solving in life, health, and stress.  They work together better and take care of personal issues more efficiently.”
–J. L. Sullivan, CEO, Nevada Real Estate Corp


“Dr. Yang stands out refreshingly as someone who is highly motivated and committed to excellence. She has shown tremendous initiative, drive and capacity to solve clinical problems, exhibited solid clinical knowledge and great learning enthusiasm, provided compassionate care to her patients, and achieved outstanding clinical results. Therefore, I give Dr. Yang my highest recommendation.”
— Theodore C. Friedman, M.D.Ph.D.  Chief, Division of Endocrinology, Professor of Medicine-UCLA