Be Your Best & Stay Healthy (BYBSH) Clinic helps institutions manage tough or expensive issues in team health and productivity, save top talent, turn impossible possible and save significant costs. The BYBSH Clinic also enables clients to anticipate issues and take early action, based on their potential and future needs instead of past.

1. Employee Health

Many work-related health issues are stress and environment related or have non-health causes, for example, heart attack. Inefficient in dealing with non-health cause, traditional healthcare often become endless expensive symptom relieves, costing millions of healthcare dollars per employee plus productivity losses, including top talent.

The Be Your Best & Stay Healthy Clinic fully utilizes Eastern and Western medicine to optimize medical healing and handles non-health causes with the 6Q assessment and tools. Thus, the BYBSH clinic has unique healing power at all 3 stages instead of mainly at the acute stage, often solves the issues or achieve the results that no one else can, and help institution save top talent and significant healthcare costs and productivity losses. Here are some examples. 

2. Team Productivity

Poor performance or stress management can have non-IQ and non-EQ causes. Behaviors mainly reflect individuals’ 6Q structure.  The Be Your Best & Stay Healthy Clinic also fully utilizes the 6Q assessment data to enable employees to be their best and help employers know their key performers, excite and keep the best, and manage tough productivity issues.  For example, the clinic will help employers anticipate issues before they promote someone or replace employees properly to avoid massive layoff due to automation. 

Individual 6Q assessment data is usually good for 2 years. Thus, the BYBSH Clinic can help employers and employees thousands of miles away without repeating the assessment ($1850 value per person). For leadership development and more team building topic, please visit The Prince Synergy.

3. Employee Assistant Program

Unlike others, Be Your Best & Stay Healthy Clinic helps employees anticipate common work and life needs, take early action, balance work and life, and bring out their best work performance. The clinic will show them their progress and reward them financially and psychologically whenever possible.

Why Be Your Best & Stay Healthy Clinic? 

  1. We look at the Big Picture of your team productivity and health.
  2. We help you target issues with the right tools and save BIG Time and Money.
  3. Furthermore, we help you and your team anticipate issues and take early actions.

How to Work with BYBSHC?

1. Talk to one of our industry experts.

After you contact us, a member of our team will schedule a consultation with you to fully understand your needs, work environment, culture and strategy.

2. Work with our consultants and doctors.

Your team needs to meet our 6Q experts and eastern and western medicine doctors, and our management consultant will visit your work environment and access your culture and strategies.

3. Follow up

We will follow up results in 1 month, 2 month and 6 months and adjust action with you and your team accordingly.

Contact us with your needs!