Healthcare costs have been soaring every year, bankrupting families, businesses and the economy. BYBSH helps institutions look at the big picture and stay ahead with the right solutions and strategies.


Employee health is critical to productivity. Employees’ working environment, including business management, can also impact their health.

  • BYBSH helps key business players stay healthy according to their personal and environmental needs, recover fast if needed, and save up to 80~90% of costs (see the list for individuals).
  • BYBSH also assists businesses to know their key players, use the right people, make wise investments, take early action, and comply with rules and regulations.

Healthcare Payers and Providers

BYBSH helps healthcare Payers and Providers achieve Quality, Affordability and Equality by helping more individuals stay healthy and recover fast if needed and making healthcare teams accountable.

Additional Benefits

Individual 6Q assessment data is usually good for 2 years unless something major happens, which allows BYBSH to help clients thousands of miles away without repeating the assessment.

For leadership and team building topics, please visit The Prince Synergy.


  1. We look at the Big Picture of productivity and health and target health and non-health issues with the right tools.
  2. We optimize healthcare quality while saving BIG time and money.
  3. Furthermore, we help clients anticipate issues and take early actions.

How to Work with BYBSH?

1. Talk to one of our industry experts.

After you contact us, a member of our team will schedule a consultation with you to fully understand your needs, work environment, culture and strategy.

2. Work with our consultants and doctors.

Your team needs to work with our eastern and western medicine doctors and 6Q experts, and our consultant will visit your work environment and access your culture and strategies.

3. Follow up

We will follow up results in 1 month, 2 month and 6 months and adjust action with you and your team accordingly.

Contact us with your needs!