Case Study: Eliminate Insomnia and Stress with the Right Law


Case Study: Eliminate Insomnia and Stress with the Right Law

An attorney came for insomnia and anxiety.  Because his parents left all their money to him but nothing to his sister, his sister kept on suing the family, and he had to manage.  Subsequently, he developed insomnia due to stress and anxiety.  He had visited several other firms before he came to us and was quite familiar with standard maneuvers, such as position change.  Our consultant asked him if his family had set up a family fund. He said no.   Thus, our consultant told him, “Set up your family fund, so you do not have to give your 40% to Uncle Sam but give it to your sister.” The attorney was speechless.  No more sleeping pills and therapies needed for his insomnia due to stress.


85-90% of executives suffer from insomnia due to stress.  The percentage is lower in other groups.  The key to successful management is to get to the root cause and target issues with the right tools, including Law, instead of one for all.  Deep breathing, positive thinking, and others are too general.  Smoking, alcohol and drugs often come with long-term damage.   Physical and mental health management is a part of health quotient.

Furthermore, the law utilization is an important part of Level 5 leadership. Winners not only know the right law, but also can seek opportunities between laws, and create their own.  The key is to think without a fixed frame, which is also essential to building Level 5 leadership.  To help leaders and elites use Law, think without a fixed frame, and manage stress, insomnia and other stress-related health issues is a part of The Prince Synergy Level 5 leadership program curriculum.

Do you have the right tools to deal with insomnia due to stress? 

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