Bring Dreams Back to Life from Traumatic Brain Injury!

Many people have been told that Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivors can only recover within 2 years (called 2-year plateau), and TBI is a “chronic illness,” costing $85,000 to $3 million per person for life time treatment. The unemployment rate two years after diagnosis is 60% (the national average of 5.1%). Traumatic Brain Injury is #4 cause of death for men and women.

What Makes Us Different?

These number have a lot to do with that partial IQ, EQ and behavior tools cannot help in the last step of TBI recovery, cognitive rehab, and the PAIN to accept “the next level of placement” can be enormous.

With more cognitive and healing tools, many TBI survivors can regain their key cognitive function and bring their dreams back to life, including being a doctor. Many post-injury “chronic issues” due to pain can go away or be easily corrected. One traditional treatment cost often can help 10-300 victims and save over $200 million in healthcare alone, excluding social benefits and new tax.

Having been there, we are passionate to help more with potential get their dream back from TBI beyond the 2-year plateau and save big costs and losses!  

Who Can Benefit from 6Q Cognitive Rehab? 

TBI survivors who can learn.
TBI survivors who desire to pursue freedom & opportunity again.

PS: At this time, we require TBI survivors to be medically stable and can manage their own daily living.

PS: Many states provide financial support.

How Is the Investment Return?

It is estimated that one traditional lifetime treatment cost in TBI can benefit 10~300 victims and save between $850,000~ $900,000,000 in healthcare alone, excluding social benefits and new tax.

Learn more about the 6Q program and keep your opportunity.

Case Studies:

The success stories of our founder and others.