Don’t Commit Suicide, Bring Your Dream Back to Life from TBI!

Per CDC, About 37% of veterans suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and 22 commit suicide each day, which has a lot to do with what traditional care limits.

Traditional care for TBI is great in saving life and enhancing safety but limited in cognitive rehab, so it asks survivors to accept the “next level of placement.” However, nothing can be more painful than to lose the inner power and settle for less. Then many stress-related “post injury illnesses” emerge, and those who refuse to settle for less would commit suicides.

How Will We Help Clients?

We help TBI survivors heal their injured brain cells more and activate uninjured brain cells if needed, so they can be who they were and go back to work. Many post-injury “chronic issues” will go away or be easily corrected. Learn more about how our founder recovered herself and helped others.

How Is the Investment Return?

One traditional lifetime treatment cost is $85,000 to $3 million PER person, not to mention disability costs which can enable us to help 10~300 survivors. It may take days to begin to see results and 2~8 months to achieve significant results.  A full recovery may take years. 

Learn more about the 6Q program and save your opportunity.

Who Can Benefit from the 6Q Cognitive Rehab? 

– TBI survivors who can learn.
– TBI survivors who desire to be independent or bring their dream back to life.

Those who refuse to settle for less are often more motivated than others and have far better chances to fully recover.  Thus, DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE!

PS: At this time, we require TBI survivors to be medically stable and can manage their own daily living.

PS: Many states provide financial support.

Case Studies:

The success stories of our founder and others.