The Best Holiday Gift to Your Family & Friends for 2018


The Best Holiday Gift to Your Family & Friends for 2018

In this holiday season, would it be great to connect with your family and friends more deeply?  What is the best holiday gift?  Flower?  Candy?  Spending time together?  These are all great holiday gifts.  However, the best is the solutions to the “intractable issues” to fulfill their dream and be their best.

Unlike computers, human capacity can fluctuate under change and storm, which involves adversity Q, health Q, and public influence Q besides IQ, EQ, and learning Q. Behaviors can mainly reflect the 6Q structural change instead of making the change. About 30-40% “intractable issues” in leadership and performance are born because IQ, EQ and behavior tools alone cannot solve complex problems efficiently.

Where will the approach difference impact? Many areas, for example,

  • How to optimize innovation and build resilience to build Level 5 leadership
  • How to choose the right talent to optimize success
  • How to stay healthy under stress and minimize healthcare costs (e.g: insomnia, headache, fast aging, heart attack, stroke, etc)
  • How to help children learn faster and better when motivation does not work.

To fulfill dreams in this fast-changing world, it is better to go beyond traditional EQ & IQ approaches, get to the root causes of behaviors, identify “missing software,” and make learning as easy as possible. By doing so, you often can be 10 times faster than others and identify efficient solutions to 30-40% of “intractable” issues.

A lot of time can be saved. Many dreams can come true, stay alive or continue.

In the holiday season, we first like you to view things differently, so you can choose the best holiday gift for your family and friends efficiently:

In addition, we offer $400 -1000 discounts to many of our book, classes and programs to make the best holiday gift more available.

There is also a special bonus: free Executive 6Q Assessment to investment $6000 & above ($1800 value). The discounts and bonus will expire on Dec 31, 2017.

Happy Holidays! Have a Wonderful 2018!!

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