How We Help Clients

At this time, individuals need to come to BYBSH Clinic after they are medically stable. We will evaluate their overall health and non-health management, provide or recommend additional solutions as needed, and follow up.

* Minimize Non-health Causes.
Healthcare often work efficiently once non-health causes are out of the way. Stress is a common non-health cause, and how individuals manage challenges often determines their stress level.

We assess individuals through the 6Q system, identify the skills, strategies and environment needed to minimize their stress and make learning or implementation as easy as possible. The solutions can be career counseling, personal skills and leadership development, or business management.

Survivors with heart attack, stroke, and traumatic brain injury (TBI) often benefit from this level of care very much. For businesses, we also look into their work environment and management and advise accordingly.

* Heal More if Possible.
Many survivors can still heal more through Eastern medicine and Western medicine. Non-medical 6Q tools, including self-care, often enhances healing naturally. We will explore their overall management, provide or recommend additional solutions accordingly. Here are some case studies 

* Achieve Synergistic Results.
Survivors often achieve synergistic results if they take care of health and non-health causes at the same time and fully utilize internal and external resources, including psychology and financial resources. BYBSH helps survivors in every aspect, which is another reason that we can solve some issues that others cannot.

* Follow up.
We follow up with clients and adjust solutions if needed to ensure quality.

Survivors need to step back if they cannot relieve reoccurring symptom quickly and go to the nearest Emergency Room for life threatening issues.

What to Expect?

Heart attack survivors often need to meet certain challenges.  Thus, they may take days to see results and 3~8 months to complete recovery or achieve their optimal.

TBI survivors often need to regain key cognitive function to meet variety challenges.  Thus, they may take days~ weeks to see results and 8~10 months to achieve significant ones. A complete recovery may take years. Some may discover new talent and new best.

Burnout, fast aging, auto-accident may see results in hours to days. Here are more Case Studies.

Environment changes may take weeks to months.

Check out the programs that fit you.

Some Testimonials: 

“Dr. Yang stands out refreshingly as someone who is highly motivated and committed to excellence. She has shown tremendous initiative, drive and capacity to solve clinical problems, exhibited solid clinical knowledge and great learning enthusiasm, provided compassionate care to her patients, and achieved outstanding clinical results. Therefore, I give Dr. Yang my highest recommendation.”
— Theodore C. Friedman, M.D. Ph.D.  Chief, Division of Endocrinology, Professor of Medicine-UCLA

Some of Our Clients:

What BYBSH Clinic Cannot Help Much?
We usually cannot make much difference in cancer, HIV and neuro degenerative issues.

Individuals with infection and other acute issues should to go to traditional hospitals (Western) first.