Video: How to Get Healthy, Stay Healthy under Stress?


Video: How to Get Healthy, Stay Healthy under Stress?

Video Transcript:

Studies have found that about 100% of CEOs and 80% of elites suffer from stress.  Most people deal with stress with limited symptom relieves, for example meditation, deep breathing, music, yoga, smoking, alcohol, drug, and food.  These methods can relax mind and body but do not solve problems, so the same stress will come back.

A good stress management requires two parts—the right tools to meet challenges and relieve stress.  Usually, the root cause of stress is a lack of the right tools to meet challenges, which can be technical and psychological.  Individuals need symptom relief to keep a clear mind and body.  Because human body can quickly develop immunity to one tool, it is better to have 4-5 relaxation methods for stress at each level.

Without the right tools, productivity and creativity can suffer.   People can develop stress related illnesses or worsen existing ones, for example, heart attack, stroke, insomnia, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc.  I first met this group at the clinics.  In fact, medical treatments are also symptom relieves since they cannot provide the tools to meet challenges, and can become increasingly expensive if the stress keeps coming back.

The key to deal with stress and stay healthy is to find the “missing software” to achieve your goal.  When you are ill, have your root cause of stress and symptoms taken care at the same time.

What can be the challenge?   Each person has 6Q.  You probably already know IQ, EQ and Learning Quotient.  Individuals also need Adversity Quotient (AQ) to manage storm, Health Quotient to keep energy and public influence Q to utilize resources.  Complex tasks usually involve the whole 6Q system, where every element at each step and stage matters.   100% of CEOs suffer from stress because they mainly handle complex issues.

However, schools mainly give us some tools in IQ and EQ.  Hospital can cover some health issues.  To find the missing tools to solve your unique issue, you need to explore more, which can be struggling.  In addition, a sad truth is that not every doctor want you to get to the root cause of your stress because they want you keep going back to them.

I first helped people deal with stress related illnesses during my residency.  I noticed that, usually, once I found their missing tools, many got well quickly, including the same day.  Their re-occurrence rates were minimum.  That is how I invented the 6Q whole system approach.

You can deal with stress and stay healthy with the right tools.   Come to our 2-hr webinar for hands-on experience or attend our class, “Be Happy & Be Your Own Doctor First!

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