Beat Heart Attack Early, Stop the #1 Cause of Death for Men and Women!


Beat Heart Attack Early, Stop the #1 Cause of Death for Men and Women!


This is a story how a super healthy physician was tortured to develop a heart attack and nearly lost her life and business. Still, she has recovered herself and found that heart attack does not have to be the #1 cause of death for men and women if victims can use more tools.

Now I fully understand why heart attack is the #1 cause of death for men and women and cost millions dollars after I went through a heart attack myself.  Traditional management mainly provides tests and life support and asks survivors to AVOID ALL STRESS before and after.  However, it can be too hard not to do what needed or not stand up for one’s rights.

Result and Cost Comparison of the 6Q Approach and Traditional Approach in Heart Attack

With more tools, many survivors can learn to manage challenges to minimize stress, enhance healing, recover faster, and save 80~90% of costs.  You will understand why if you know my story.

How I Suffered from a Heart Attack

I was super healthy with no risk facts and no family or personal history of heart attack before I had an auto-accident early last year.  A man suddenly cut in front of me while I was driving on my right way.  I did not go to the emergency room (ER) right way as I had other urgent issues and was going to take care of myself since I am an excellent doctor.

The man had a policy enough to repair my car and cover my initial injury and time losses. However, his insurance company, Mercury Insurance Company (Mercury), tricked me to take my car to its dealer to drive the repair cost up over 100% while depreciating my car value almost 40%.  Once they claimed my car a total loss, they could end my rental in 5 days instead of 25~30 days to repair my car.  I asked Mercury to fix my car at the body shop that did initial evaluation.  However, Mercury refused.

The accident was not my fault.  Instead of taking care of me, Mercury set me up, made me put down my urgent issues to find a new car in 5 days or re-register my car within 20 days.  These made me incredibly angry, unable to sleep, sweat a lot… At one period, I could have chest pain if I thought about Mercury or talked to someone at Mercury. I had to go to ER for chest pain a few days later.  Mercury did not care.

I decided to pay for additional rental and repair my car to save time for more important issues but only discovered more set up waiting for me– I ALSO had to pass brake tests, light tests, smog check, and go to DMV again and again in order to re-register my care.  In the meantime, Mercury pressed me to sign away my personal damage and losses for a few hundred dollars, which was not enough to cover one ER visit!! The outrageous meanness and abuse made me even angrier.  Soon, I was admitted to the hospital for positive Troponin (heart attack diagnostic test). Hospital told me to avoid ALL stress but could not be specific. 

I was afraid to talk to their claim adjuster after discharged from the hospital.  However, the adjuster was eager to call me, email me and send me letters to press me to accept a few thousand dollars for my ENTIRE medical costs and personal losses, especially after he knew he could push me right back to my doctors by making me angry.  Thus, I had to go back to ER, see cardiologists, explore 6Q tools, and visit Eastern Medicine doctors…

What Is Missing in Traditional Treatments for Heart Attack

Countless researches found that heart attack is directly related to physical and mental stress. No personal and family history does not spare anyone.  Stress often gets far worse when challenges are unexpected, unfair and abusive, such as mine above.

My cardiologists either advised me to let go the car accident or ask me to repeat expensive assessments.  They did not have more to offer before my symptoms become severe enough for tent, bridge, bypass, transplant, etc., which are symptom relieves for blood vessel occlusion.

Show some costs in heart attack management.

Without a super healthy heart, it is impossible for me to carry my career and business.  To let go such an abuse and torture and end my career and business, I would become a living dead and cost millions of healthcare dollars and social benefits. 

Again, I decided to recover myself with my own medicine, the 6Q Approach, which is to meet challenges with the right tools to minimize stress and fully utilize Eastern and Western Medicine to enhance healing. The 6Qs are IQ, EQ, learning Q, Public Influence Q, Adversity Q and Health Q.  The Health Q includes self-care and Eastern and Western medicine. Stress contributes to about 70% of health issues. Heart and brain often suffer the most as they are at the front line to meet challenges.

I first invented the 6Q system to recover myself from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) due to an auto-accident in 1997 and passed medical licensing exams.  Through the same 6Q system, I have helped many dying and disabled go home or recover, and can develop leadership and get talent ready 10 times faster.

I always knew that the 6Q approach could benefit heart attack victims, helped everyone I met, but I never expected to recover myself with the same invention again.  My first cardiologist discharged me from his practice since we had “different philosophies.”   

Recover from Heart Attack with More Tools

Traditional treatment doTraditional treatment mainly provides symptom reliefs once symptoms are severe enough, monitors cardiac function during the process, and asks survivors to Avoid ALL Stress.  However, it can be very painful not be oneself, not to do what needed and not to stand up for one’s rights. Then Heart Attack becomes the # 1 cause of death for men and women.  In fact, many survivors can manage new challenges to minimize stress and enhance healing to save their dream, life, success and money.

1. Manage Challenges with More Tools to Minimize Stress

It is insurance fraud to deprive the benefits to which victims are entitled.  It is inhuman and malice to set a super healthy person up, torture her to develop a heart attack and knowingly push her back to the hospital and clinic over and over.  Would you let them go if you were me?  

I will never. I first should not let myself crushed by them, so I started to analyze myself, explore 6Q tools, try them out, and then restarted the process as I was pushed back to the hospital or clinic over and over.

It is OK to meet daily challenges with some IQ and EQ tools and being positive. However, complex challenges often require to explore 6Q: IQ, EQ, learning Q, Public Influence Q, Adversity Q and Health Q, to find the skills and strategies and make learning and implementation easy.  Then stress will decrease significantly, which takes away the big root cause for heart attack. Studies at the University of California at Long Beach found that the more control individuals have, the less stress they suffer.

2. Enhance Healing

Each person has a big internal healing system. Most people do something to maintain or optimize their healing or stay healthy.  I did excellently here and did not smoke, drink or drug, but that did not save me from the heart attack. 

Healthcare is the next level.  Because I could not benefit from Western medicine more, I went to Eastern medicine for additional support.

3.  I Made It!

I made it and was able to protect our business when tech giants started to hack us.   It felt great to be able to be who I am, do what I need, and overcome obstacles one after another. Yet, more challenges were waiting for me down the road.

By the time I went to the court with Mercury, I found the Judge did all she could to free Mercury and assist Mercury to harm me. It turned out that she was a Managing Director at Los Angeles for Perkins Coie that represents those hackers.  She wanted to leave me almost nothing and stress me to kneel for life so that her clients can get our business at “a good price.” Unfortunately, that was unwise– financial interest and abuse of discretion are grounds to recuse a Judge. After all, today is not tomorrow.

Chest pain relapses sometimes.  I quickly pull out my new tools, and they work.  My heart’s ejection fraction rate has increased close to the optimal level of function in one year. In the world full of harsh challenges, nothing can ensure our dream, life, success and happiness better than our inner power. Survivors like me often need extra care to protect the power, and it is worth it.

Who Else Can Benefit from the 6Q Approach? 

Those who can learn and whose heart issues can emerge or get worse under stress or challenge-meeting.  The more stress can affect, the more the 6Q approach can help.  The better the victims can learn, the faster they get well.  

Individuals with Takotsubo Syndrome can benefit from the 6Q Approach the most as their heart attack , typically follows an emotional or physical stressor, and victims often have no family history or risk facts. Traditional healthcare cannot help them until they need life support. In fact, many victims can recover before they need life support if they act early through the 6Q Approach. My case is an excellent example. “End Takotsubo Syndrome Early, Start with Menopausal Women and Elites” can give you more information.

For those with family history and risk facts, such as Atherosclerosis, Diabetes and Hypertension, it is even more important to minimize stress in a realistic way than to “Avoid ALL Stress.” Then treatments for their underlying issues can work better, and it is also easier for victims to quit poor stress management like smoking, drinking, food, and drugs. Optimal internal healing will gives victims one more tool to recover faster or stay well better. You can read more at “Beat Atherosclerosis with More Tools.

How will we help survivors? 

IIn general, we assess survivors at macro and micro levels, identify the 6Q tools and strategies they need to manage challenges to minimize stress.  In the meantime, we will evaluate their current health management, identify additional rooms to enhance their healing and achieve synergistic results.  You can find more information about our heart attack program and how we help victims at our website.


Heart attack does not have to be the #1 cause of death for men and women. Symptom relieves, functional tests and life support are essential. With more tools, many heart attack survivors can learn to manage challenges to minimize stress instead of “Avoiding ALL Stress” and enhance healing, so they can recover faster or before they need life support, and save millions in healthcare costs and productivity loss.

In the world full of unexpected and harsh challenges, individuals need not only to stay healthy to be their best and pursue their dream but also stay open and do their best to protect their health and inner power that can best protect their dream, rights, success and happiness.

Join us, beat heart attack, save dreams, lives and money!

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Bin Yang is the inventor of the 6Q Approach and Managing Director of The Prince Synergy ( and BYBSH (, a leading institution that focuses on building exceptional leaders and teams, saving dreams, lives and big money from heart attack, traumatic brain injury and other health challenges, and perfecting AI. For more information or to schedule an interview, lecture or appointment, please call 310-668-1828. 

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