C: Beat Heart Attack Early, Save Life, Dream and Money!

C: Beat Heart Attack Early, Save Life, Dream and Money!



Heart attack does not have to be the #1 cause of death for men and women.

Heart attack is directly linked to stress.  Traditional healthcare mainly asks victims to “Avoid All Stress” or restrict their hearts’ response to stress with pills  However, most people cannot let go everything to kneel for life, and pills can also restrict their optimal performance, the key to their success. 
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This program will help individuals reduce their stress size and toxicity to heart, recover from heart attack faster and better and be who they are.   This program will also enable traditional healthcare to work better for those with underlying health issues. 


– Help heart attack victims end heart attack early, or stay well better and minimize re-occurrence.
– Save productivity, dreams and opportunities to success.
– Save up to 80~90% of healthcare costs.

Additional Benefits:

– Enable victims to know self well and be ready for the next challenge.
– The 6Q assessment data is usually good for 2 years unless something major happens. No need to repeat the 6Q assessment if victims need to manage other work and life challenges in the following 2 years ($1850 value).

Who Can Benefit from Additional Tools? 

•Those whose heart issues emerge or get worse under stress or challenge-meeting,
•To whom it is unrealistic to Avoid ALL Stress,
•Those who desire to keep their opportunities to success, and
•Those who can learn fast and are medically stable.

What to Expect?

Per National Business Group on Health, each individual can cost $760,000~ $1 million in healthcare and productivity loss in 20 years 

The average cost is about $5500~ $12,800, equal to 2~4 stress tests.  Individuals usually begin to see results in days and can achieve significant ones, including recovery, in 3~8 months.   

Individuals need to meet our 6Q team in person for the first visit.  They need to visit our Eastern medicine doctors (EMD) in person for each visit if indicated (EMDs need to palpate their pules and check their tongue). 

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