Sleep Tight, Sleep Enough


Sleep Tight, Sleep Enough

To sleep tight and sleep enough is critical to accomplishing almost any task.  However, many people have hard time to sleep or no time to sleep.  Although sleep is a health function, to sleep well also requires other skills, for each person is an integrated 6Q system.  With the right tools, they can solve both issues.  This video show you why and how.

In addition to the case in the video, we have had several other tough cases:

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Video Transcript:

I just had a nap at my office, feeling totally refreshed.  Many people have hard time to sleep or have no time to sleep.  In fact, with the right tools, they can solve both issues.

Each person is an integrated system of 6Q. Sleep is a health function.  To sleep well requires other skills, which is why people often cannot sleep once something new happens. Poor sleep will further worsen their performance.  Sleep is critical not only to energy restoration, but also to healing, memory, aging, and attitude. That’s why a person can look much older and moody if the person cannot sleep well.

A person’s ability to sleep will impact their opportunities. For those with big dreams, they need to be ready to sleep in their office, car, on the airline, or whenever an opportunity arrives, so they can sleep enough.  Of course, it is better to have a sleeping bag ready.  Sleep should also be natural as sleeping pills can ruin the next day’s productivity and creativity.

How to sleep well?  Three keys. You first need a good body function, a comfortable environment, or your mind will be busy.  Then you need to be able to turn off the switch when it’s time to sleep. 

Let me tell you a story.  I met a woman who was an airline attendant. She came to the United States via marriage. Her husband saw her picture through her cousin and immediately fell in love. She loved the man as well.  Soon after they married, her husband wanted to have two boys.  She had two girls in between, so they end up having four children.  Their children are healthy and smart. The youngest was also the cutest.  He made his own money and bought her a cell phone when he was 19.

However, the woman felt she had achieved nothing.  She was in her 50s but looked like in her 60s. I told her to look at her life differently, as not everyone could have a loving husband and four loving children.  She has invested in her family, and now it is time to invest in herself. In the end, I asked her if she could sleep well.  She said no.  Her children often saw her wandering around in the middle of the night.  I asked her if there was anything that could make her tired quickly.  “Computer!” She said.  So I told her to play with the computer every night before going to bed.  A few weeks later, she looked at least 20 years younger, ready to be an airline attendant if she wants to.

That is how much good sleep, and enough sleep can do for a human being. This woman started a family in a totally new environment and did not viewed her life with the right perspective, which created intensive internal stress and impacted her sleep. Also, she lacked the techniques to sleep fast.  Once she had both, she recovered fast and became a new woman! I am very happy for her!

To sleep tight and sleep enough is critical to accomplishing almost any task.  It is important to have 6Q skills instead of a mattress or sleeping pills alone.  We need all of them sometimes. To help clients sleep well and sleep tight is a part of our consultation, training, and management. Contact us with your needs.  Also subscribe our channel.  You will find solutions nowhere else.  Remember the better you optimize your brain and health, the faster you achieve your success and happiness. Good Luck!


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