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End Takotsubo Syndrome, Start with Menopausal Women and Elites

Takotsubo Syndrome, also called broken heart syndrome or stress cardiomyopathy, has the common symptoms and labs of heart attacks but does not result from blood vessel occlusion but apical ballooning. Takotsubo Syndrome predominates in menopausal women (90%), elites and others who have NO family history and NO risk facts. Traditional healthcare cannot help victims until they need life support. In fact, many victims can recover before they need life support like me, minimize re-occurrence and save 80~90% of costs.

What Makes Menopausal Women and Elites Prone to Takotsubo Syndrome?

Women’s immunity often decreases significantly after menopause although their temperature and blood pressure are normal.  Subsequently, they can metabolize stress’ toxicity less, which magnifies the stress’ negative impact over their heart.  Then they can easily become victims of Takotsubo Syndrome and other heart attack when intense emotional or physical stress emerge in their work or life.  

Intensive stress often victimize men and other women. Stress can be a great motivator.  However, studies have found that intensive stress can not only negatively impact on individuals’ heart but also suppress their immunity.  The latter can reduce the metabolism of stress’ toxicity and magnify the stress’ negative impact on the heart.  No family history and no health issues or risk facts do not spare everyone.  I am a good example. 

What is Missing In Traditional Approach?

Takotsubo Syndrome typically follows intense emotional stress (such as a big dispute or loss) or physical stress (such as a stroke or infection). Pathology found that its apical ballooning at the acute stage is related to a surge in stress-related hormones.

Traditional healthcare (Western medicine) mainly provides life support during the acute stage and then asks victims to “Avoid ALL Stress” or restricts heart’s response to stress through pills before and after.

However, it is unrealistic for most people to “Avoid ALL Stress.” For example, will you let go an insurance company who set you up and tortured you to develop a heart attack and then let go those who want to rob your business because of the heart attack? Most people will say “NO” as I did in 2021. In addition, pills can also restrict their optimal performance– the key to their success.

What Makes Us Different?

We manage challenges and health issues instead of “Avoid ALL Stress.” In addition, we use more tools to heal after individuals are medically stable.

With additional tools, many men and women can manage challenges to minimize the size of stress.  Some can also improve their immunity to minimize the toxicity of the remaining stress.  Then they have a great chance to recover or stay well better, keep their opportunities for success, and save 80~90% of costs.

Who Can Benefit from the 6Q Approach?

1. Those whose heart condition gets worse under stress or challenge-meeting.
2. To whom it is unrealistic to “Avoid All Stress” or give up optimal performance (key to success).
3. Those who have family histories or risk facts.
4. Those who can learn fast.  

Victims often begin to see results in days and achieve optimal results or recover in 3~8 months after they join the program, “Beat Heart Attack, Save Dream, Life and Money!


Heart attack does not have to be the #1 cause of death for men and women, including Takotsubo Syndrome. With additional tools, many men and women can save not only their lives but also big money and their dreams. 

Most people know that they need to stay healthy to be their best.  In fact, they also need to do their best to stay healthy.  BYBSH Clinic helps individuals and businesses take care of both.  Furthermore, individuals’ 6Q assessment data are usually good for 2 years to help their career, growth, life, crises and more without repeating the assessment, which is more valuable if they are thousand miles away.

Join us, end Takotsubo Syndrome and other heart attack, save dreams, lives and money!

About the Author:

Bin Yang is the inventor of the 6Q Approach and Managing Director of The Prince Synergy ( and BYBSH (, a leading institution that focuses on building exceptional leaders and teams, saving dreams, lives and money from heart attack, traumatic brain injury and other health challenges, and perfecting AI.  For more information or to schedule an interview, lecture or appointment, please contact us