C: Bring Your Dream Back to Life from TBI!

C: Bring Your Dream Back to Life from TBI!



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Many TBI survivors cannot finish recovery and suffer from post-injury illnesses because traditional care for TBI is great in saving lives, enhancing physical safety but limited in cognitive restoration.  Those who refuse to settle for less would commit suicide.

This program helps TBI survivors with potential regain key cognitive function through their uninjured brain cell and bring their dream back to life.  The program will also explore the potential to optimize healing to fasten the cognitive recovery.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is beat-TBI-BYBSH-Clinic-8.jpgBenefits:

1. Help TBI survivors regain independence and bring their dream back to life.
2. The LIFETIME treatment costs per person can be $85,000~ 3 million, plus disability benefits. As many post-injury “chronic illnesses” will go away or be corrected easily, millions of dollars and productivity waste can be saved. 

Who Can Benefit from 6Q Cognitive Restoration?

– TBI survivors who can learn.
– TBI survivors who desire to pursue their dreams again or regain independence.

PS: At this time, we require TBI survivors to be medically stable and can manage their own daily living before they come to us.

What Makes Us Different? 

  • Fully utilize tools during the chronic stage and help TBI survivors regain key 6Q cognitive function instead of basic.
  • Make learning and implementation easy and engaging.
  • Help TBI survivors return to work, sustain their job and excel.
  • Help TBI survivors fully utilize government and state resources.
  • We have been there personally.


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