Optimize Health Quotient, Stay Healthy!

Outside challenges and associated stress impact about 70% of health issues, especially heart attack and traumatic brain injury since both heart and brain are at the front line of meeting challenges.

By enabling victims to manage outside challenges efficiently with 6Q tools, we eliminate the root causes of their health issues as well as immunity suppression and other damage from associated stress. In the meantime, we optimize their internal healing through natural 6Q tools and Eastern and Western Medicine to fasten their learning and recovery.  Then heart attack will not be #1 killer for men and women, many TBI survivors can bring their dream back to life beyond the 2-year plateau, and millions of healthcare dollars can be saved.

Optimal internal PPE has additional benefit when COVID mutates faster than we can develop vaccines, and co-morbidities increase individuals the risk to develop COVID complication.

Partial IQ, EQ or behavior tools cannot help victims meet challenges efficiently. Healthcare alone cannot stop issues or damages from coming but become endless expensive symptom relieves.

Our success started at the clinic in 2004.

Some Case Studies: