Mental Health Management, a Key of Health Quotient (HQ)


Mental Health Management, a Key of Health Quotient (HQ)

Mental health management is a key of Health Quotient as well as personal and team management since mental health is critical to individual well-being, productivity and creativity.  Not everyone needs to be a mental health expert, but it is important to know how to take the right approach, recognize common issues and take the right action, including when to go to experts.

Different Approaches, Different Results

Traditional approach focuses on individuals (personal development, coping skills, and past performance), and uses behavior tools before individuals are “ill’ and Western medicine afterwards.  Some people stigmatize others with “mental issues.”  However, outside world matter, partial tools cannot solve all issues, and to have the right attitude is the first step to take the right action.

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We evaluate individuals at micro and macro levels, get to the root causes of their behaviors, help them get on the right track, and target issues with the right tools.  Quit Addiction, End GI Bleeding is a good example.

How to Handle Mental Health Issues Efficiently?

In addition to the right approach, individuals also need to know common mental health issues, which can be pathological and need medication, such as bipolar.  Non-pathological ones often need no medication but may require great analysis and physical and psychological care, for example, burn out.  Individuals usually need experts for the first group and can try to work with the second one if they know how.

Mental health management is a key part of personal and team management.  The more stress a person needs to handle, the more skills the person should have.  One efficient way to optimize individuals’ productivity and maintain their mental health is place them at the right environment.

How Can BYBSH Clinic Help You?

We assess individual mental health management through the 6Q Assessment and empower them according to their needs.  We also help individuals and businesses know their talent, make wise placements or investment, strengthen and restore their physical and mental health if needed.

Contact BYBSH Clinic with your issue even if it is impossible to anyone else.

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