C: Be Your Best, Stay Healthy, Manage Self Efficiently!

C: Be Your Best, Stay Healthy, Manage Self Efficiently!



It takes a lot for a person to be his or her best and achieve optimal health, including mental health.  First, the outside world is full of challenges that can directly impact their health, which is why individuals can suffer heart attack, stroke and other illnesses even if they have no risk fact or family history.  Second, there are many non-IQ and non-EQ causes can impact their performance.  Diet and excises are only part of the big package.

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This program will explore individuals’ potential and development needs in work and life, identify solutions to help them be their best, stay healthy, and manage self efficiently, both physically and mentally.   The program will make the learning or implement as easy and fun as possible, so individuals can see results fast.


  • Achieve optimal performance, physical and mental health and resilience.
  • Maximize stress threshold and be able to handle MORE challenges.

Side Benefits:

  • Some individuals may look 10-15 years younger than the average.

Who Fits the Program

  • Individuals with family history or risk facts for heart attack, stroke, and other health issues want to take charge of their life.
  • Management personnel who need to optimize self and team health and mental management.
  • Individuals whose work and life are full of challenges and stress and desire to manage self efficiently and achieve optimal performance and health.
  • Individuals who desire to plan ahead for their new direction or placement.
  • Businesses who desire to keep their best.

What to Expect

  • Take regular 6Q assessment (about 75 minutes).  Those who is on a management position or desire to know self deeper need to take Executive 6Q Assessment.
  • Eastern and Western medicine may be needed to optimize internal harmony and energy.
  • All learning will be customized.  Individuals often begin to see result the next day although the maximum results may take weeks or months, depending on

The cost will be $ 950 and up, depending on individual needs and complexity of their condition.

Contact us to set up your appointment, save your dream, life and money!


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