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How to Manage Complex Mental Health Issues?

Mental health management is not just a mind management as the outside world and challenges as well as internal and external resources can all impact its outcome.  Mental health management is a part of our Level 5 leadership development as it is a quick way for leaders to boost productivity, win hearts and minds, and achieve their goal better.

What Makes Mental Health Issues Complex?

When they have complex root causes of behaviors, come with health issues, including psychiatric components, or are on their way.  These are often beyond management personnel’s scope but can be better taken care if management personnel know how to give initial support and help team members get to the right direction. Unlike general public, employees’ mental health issues are often secondary and have better chances to recover if we can get to their root causes. 

What Limit Traditional Approaches?

  • Traditional approach works on mental issues through behavior management. However, behaviors are often not their root causes. 
  • Traditional approach has limited healing when individuals’ temperature is normal. Individuals who suffer from burnout, heart attack, traumatic brain injury (TBI), etc. often have normal temperature.  Subsequently, burnout has become a big reason for tech talent worn off early.  Individuals with heart attack and TBI often develop depression or commit suicides since it is hard to “AVOID ALL STRESS” or “accept the next level of placement.”
  • Many mental health issues can be anticipated, including PTSD, and early action can minimize onset. Traditional approach is limited here since it cannot get to the root causes of behaviors.

What Makes Us Different?

  •  We get to the complex root causes of behaviors through 6Q assessment and can optimize healing when individuals’ temperature is normal.  We often can restore individuals from burnout in days, and optimize their performance if they are not at their best, which fasten their mental health restoration.  We can also recover individuals from many underlying chronic issues, such as heart attack and TBI, and end secondary depression or suicides efficiently. 
  • We help clients anticipate coming mental health issues and take early action since we can look at the big picture, look far, and target issues with the right tools at each stage.

How Will BYBSH Clinic Help You?

We work on individuals and their environments.

We help management personnel understand the needs of mental health management at workplace, take the right approach over common and complex issues, and build a mentally healthy work environment.

Contact BYBSH Clinic with your issue even if it is impossible to anyone else.