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The Prince Synergy Beats Harvard in Full Recovery of Traumatic Brain Injury

The press was sent out on 08.19.08,10:32 AM ET, received press on Forbes, Yahoo, Market, etc. Yet the fact remained unchanged till today– The Prince Synergy Beats Harvard in Full Recovery of Traumatic Brain Injury. We have kept a copy of the press on Forbes, and the full text is below.

2022 is coming. Together, we can bring more dreams back to life from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). In the meantime, we can minimize COVID-19 infection as a part of our 6Q cognitive restoration is to work at our virtual business and participants will be busy “working at home.” Click here for more details.

Press on Forbes
Press on Forbes

Los Angeles, CA August, 18, 2007– The Prince Synergy (, a leading resource in human capital, announces its full recovery record in Traumatic Brain Injury, including poor impulse control secondary to the injury. A full recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury has been a tough issue even to Harvard University, which The Prince Synergy has unexpectedly discovered recently.

When asked the significance of the recovery, Dr. Bin Yang, CEO and Founder of The Prince Synergy, said, “Victims can regain more freedom. Businesses can reduce more costs in disability and worker’s compensation. A full recover is possible even two years after the injury. The poor impulse control can be cured.”

Traumatic Brain Injury takes away victims’ freedom and opportunities internally, which makes this injury extremely painful. The victims’ cognitive difficulties also make the recovery harder. Other obstacles include lack of deep knowledge and efficient treatment options, bias against brain injury victims and a slow and stressful recovery process. Some professionals and family members abuse victims and systems, which is the worst drawback toward a full recovery.

Some parts of the recovery take special skills. The Prince Synergy offers 2 days hands-on recovery training. The program enables victims to sharpen their insights into experts and themselves, utilize full resources, strike to recover from inside out, and get back to work and life fast.  This program is also very beneficial to victims’ families. The Prince Synergy welcomes partners and investors in research and expansion of human potential horizon.

About The Prince Synergy:

The Prince Synergy is a leading resource in human capital, founded by Bin Yang who has a background in medicine, business, law and eastern medicine. The Prince Synergy not only maximizes innovation and productivity, but also sustains creativity and health efficiently from unexpected change, stress, illness and illness.  Most of its hands-on traing and management consulting have been featured in Forbes and Euroinvestor. The Prince Synergy helps individuals stay at their optimal level, and helps businesses reduce workplace stress, keep talents, and save health care costs efficiently. In addition to bringing injured people back to work fast, The Prince Synergy makes CEOs, executives and others more sustainable to life challenges.

For more info about its programs, or schedule interviews with Ms. Yang, please contact us at 1-310-668-1828.