Who Is Your First Doctor? 

Who is your first doctor?  Are those at the hospital or clinic?

No, your first doctor is YOU and the people around to you.

You will not go to the clinic or hospital unless you can identify the medical needs.  Some illnesses only give you a few minutes to act, for example, heart attack and bleeding.  You can waste a lot of time, money, and opportunities if you do not know that health issues can have non-health causes that healthcare cannot handle efficiently.  You will not be able to protect yourself efficiently if you cannot recognize unethical providers.  And it will be hard for you to take early action if you cannot foresee your health needs in change.   Here are more reasons that you need to be your own doctor first.

Is healthcare equal to hospital care?  NO!  What you do outside of the hospital will directly impact your daily energy, spirit, creativity as well as whether you need to be inside the hospital and how long.

1. Do you want to control your work, life, and health?
2. Do you desire to enter each day with full energy?
3. Would you love to see doctors less and avoid high deductible and copay?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of the above, you need to be your own doctor first!

Do you need to go to medical school?  No.  For more, please visit our 1~2 day professional training!