Mini Be Your Best Self Quiz

To be your best takes more than the common IQ and EQ tools as each person is an integrated 6Q system.

Mini Be Your Best Self Quiz is a free 18-question insights quiz, giving individuals a quick evaluation of their status and development, and inspiring them to re-evaluate their goals and plans.   This quiz is a mini Executive 6Q Assessment.   “Be Your Best Self”, “A Right Start, A Strong Start” and custom programs include the deep exploration of underlying structure, root causes or the best shots.  Executives or leaders of tomorrow should also try the Mini Leadership Quiz as leadership is a big part of their best.

Does it take years or forever to Be Your Best?  Each person has different needs.  By knowing individuals’ 6Q and identifying their missing tools, we often can help clients achieve their goal RAPIDLY,  including strengthening their leadership.

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Mini Be Your Best Quiz

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