Handle High-cost Health Claims Efficiently

Studies found high-cost health claims (average $122, 382 annually) can count 31% of total annual healthcare cost with 1.2% of members.  To help high-cost patients is a quick way to reduce healthcare costs and individuals’ suffering.

The first is to use the right tools at the right time instead of one tool for all.  Each case is unique.  By doing so, we have turned many years of treatments into months, weeks or days, and saved lives and disabilities.   Below are some case studies:

The second is to take early action.  It is far more cost-effective to anticipate risks and development needs and take early action than to rescue individuals at the hospital.  The first two case studies are good examples.

Because not all issues have a fast solution, it is critical to make wise investments.   We are updating our system to enable clients to achieve more.   Contact us with your needs.