Exe 6Q Quiz

Executive 6Q Assessment (Q) 


  • You are an eagle; to soar is your destiny.  The Executive 6Q Assessment is designed to help you fully utilize your internal and external resources to achieve your goal and be your best.
  • Unless specified differently, please give your best answer to each question, so we can advise you according to your environment, stage and others, now and in the future.
  • PLEASE COMPLETE THE ASSESSMENT IN 75 MINUTES AT ONE ATTEMPT and take your break PRIOR to the quiz if needed.
  • Please ONLY leave your first name and your last name’s first initial only.
  • Please provide one phone number in case we need to give you immediate attention. 

By registering for the assessment, you understand this evaluation belongs to The Prince Synergy.  You agree not to directly or indirectly decompile, disassemble, distribute the contents of this evaluation, or attempt to export the assessment to any other party unless expressly authorized by The Prince Synergy.  All rights reserved.

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