Case Study: Beat Harvard in Full Recovery of Traumatic Brain Injury

A physician suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury in 1997 while being rear-ended in an auto accident. Almost all experts predicted that she had a remote chance to recover, including experts from Harvard University. She was right-handed, lost significant strength on her right arm, could not play regular tennis racket, and had to relearn languages. She also suffered from severe insomnia and other injuries. She went to a brain rehab but achieved a little as the rehab only expected her not to chock, not to fail and not to wet on her pants.

In the meantime, she got zero compensation from the courts, including the US Supreme Court.  After crying for a whole night, she decided to apply for a medical license to recover herself. She tried everything she could found to regain her abilities, invented the 6Q approach, and made it.

The doctor passed medical licensing exams 2001-2003, did excellent at the clinics 2004-2006. She also found the best solutions to handle setbacks, develop Level 5 leadership, get talent ready 10 times fast and beat skyrocketing healthcare costs. While her right arm remains weak, she has discovered exceptional talent in motion picture. She has helped every TBI survivor she met, and all of them have achieved significant results although they were 5-12 years beyond their 2-year plateau, and one had left upper brain removal. This doctor is the Founder of The Prince Synergy and BYBSH.

The full recovery of Traumatic Brain Injury is still impossible to Harvard University today. Click here if you want to know why.