Tips for Security and Privacy


Re: Can Amazon Stop Day 1 from Turning into Day 2?


Do you want someone follow each of your web page and click on every link in your newsletters from which they are excluded?  Microsoft and Bae System have withdrawn, but you have not.  Do you want me to tell your different behavior to our network? Will your customers worry that the same invasion can happen to them some day?  Do you want to make some friends with Dept of Justice like Microsoft?

Like you, I care very much about day 1, and I am frugal with custom obsession.  Unlike you, I do not have a father who could give me $300,000–I had to come to the United States myself and have gone through the hell twice.  Thus, I know how hard it can be to build your market.  Also, even McKinsey cannot copy ours.

To be wise and fair is critical to staying in Day 1. Do you agree?

Bin Yang


In terms of security and privacy, most people know hacking.  In fact, there are other threats– monitoring your marketing and web activities.

We have found the Amazon would visit our website RIGHT AFTER we created or updated a page.  Thus, we have deleted Crazy Egg.

We have also found Amazon, Microsoft and Bae systems applied intelligence can click on the links in our newsletters even they are excluded from our mailing list or has never been on our list at all.  Later although Amazon and Microsoft disappear, Bae systems applied intelligence clicks on each link more often, as if it does extra for others.  We have contacted Salesforce about the security and privacy issue.   Copying our outlines will only waste time.

For those who use Crazy Egg, Salesforce and other marketing device, check who visit your website RIGHT AFTER you create or update a page or who click on the links in your newsletters even they are NOT on your list.

In the meantime, please share your discoveries of threats to security and privacy and take legal action.   Together, we can make the world fair and productive.

TPS Dream & Power Team