Build A Mentally Healthy Work Environment!

Build A Mentally Healthy Work Environment!




Mental health has been a top priority to the society since the pandemic.  Leaders and other management personnel can not only make a big difference here with the right tools but also win more hearts and minds, achieve their goal better, and save more.


Help management personnel understand mental health management at the roots, manage common and complex issues with the right tools, build a mentally healthy work environment, boost productivity and save costs.


  1. Learn to know team better through their mental health issues.
  2. Get to the root causes of mental health issues and achieve fast and lasting results.
  3. Get to the root causes, anticipate mental health issues and take early actions.
  4. Contact professionals for complex issues and demands.
  5. Be a role model, follow up results and grow with team.


Combine lecture with case studies and practices.

We provide a half-day program and custom program. Contact us with your needs.

* For group class, we encourage participates to submit their mental health challenges ahead of class, so we can better address the needs at class.
* For custom program, we collect institution’s unique needs and challenges ahead of the class and design the program accordingly.



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