Use the Right People

Like Michael Jordan said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

To place talent at the right place is the first step to build a high-performing team.  To choose the right successor is the key achieve a lasting success.  You need to know not only talent’s capacity of today, but also their ability or potential 18-36 months down the road.   IQ and EQ can review individuals’ current intelligent and emotional capacity alone.  DISC and the 360-degree Feedback can collect behaviors but not root causes.  MBTI can outline various personalities.  However, great leaders can have all kinds of personalities

Not all issues have fast solutions.  Thus, we help clients catch the development needs before “the 360-degree” and make wise investments.  Here are case studies how we helped a CEO and a regional manager.  Below is a comparison between the 6Q Approach and traditional IQ, EQ and Behavior piecemeal approaches.

 The Benefits of Right Placement through 6Q: 

• Increase the success rate of talent assignment from 74 – 78% to over 90%.
• Minimize try-on and shorten the time needed to achieve your goals.
• Build a solid foundation for exciting and keeping the best, winning hearts and minds and optimizing productivity.
• Minimize the training that feels like the right thing to do but don’t show value.
• Help key performers stay healthy.
Minimize the costs of opportunity loss, turnover, training, healthcare, and others.

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