C-Program: Be Your Best, Stay Healthy!

C-Program: Be Your Best, Stay Healthy!




To eat healthy and excise regularly is not enough to be your best, achieve optimal health and internal healing, and keep them as all 6Qs are integrated. Individuals can suffer heart attack, stroke and other illnesses due to unexpected challenges even if they have no risk fact or family history.

This program will explore your development needs in work and life, identify solutions to make your system highly efficient, help you take early action to achieve your optimal performance and health, and build a firewall around them. The program will also help to make your implement as easy and fun as possible.


  • Achieve optimal performance and health and be able to protect them under different environments.
  • Maximize your stress threshold, self healing and be able to handle MORE challenges and stay healthy.

Side Benefits:

  • Individuals often look 10-15 years younger than the average.


Who Fits the Program

  • Individuals who have positive family history and risk facts for heart attack and  other issues and need to keep optimal internal healing.
  • Those who desire to reach and keep their optimal performance and health.
  • Individuals who desire to look great, feel great and optimize their natural immunity.

What to Expect

  • The Executive 6Q Assessment (about 75 minutes) and 2~3 follow-ups and adjustments.
  • All learning will be customized and designed as easy as possible.
  • Those who require extensive leadership or professional skills need to take additional courses or services.


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