C: Be Your Best, Stay Healthy!

C: Be Your Best, Stay Healthy!



Diet and excises are not enough for individuals to be their best and achieve optimal health. First, outside challenges can directly impact their health.  Individuals can suffer heart attack, stroke and other illnesses even if they have no risk fact and no family history.  Second, there are many non-IQ and non-EQ causes can impact how they meet challenges and be their best.

This program will explore individuals’ potential and development needs in work and life, identify solutions to help them Be Great, Look Great, Feel Great, Stay Great, and build a firewall around them.  The program will also help to make the learning or implement as easy and fun as possible.


  • Achieve optimal performance and health and be able to protect them under different environments.
  • Maximize your stress threshold, internal healing and be able to handle MORE challenges.

Side Benefits:

  • Individuals often look 10-15 years younger than the average.


Who Fits the Program

  • Individuals whose work and life are full of challenges and stress and desire to achieve optimal performance and health.
  • Those who need to choose a new direction and plan ahead.
  • Individuals who desire to look great, feel great and optimize their natural immunity.
  • Those with family history or risk facts for heart attack, stroke, and other health issues want to take charge of their life.

What to Expect

  • Regular 6Q assessment is needed  Those who desire to develop leadership, know self deep, or on a management position should take The Executive 6Q Assessment (about 75 minutes) and 1-2 follow-ups and adjustments.
  • All learning will be customized and designed as easy as possible.
  • Those who require extensive leadership or professional skills need to take additional courses or services.

The cost can be $1200 ~ $2850, depending on the level of 6Q assessment.

Makes Us Different?

Each person is an integrated 6Q system linked with the outside world (IQ, EQ, Learning Q, Public Influence Q, Adversity Q and Health Q).  Health issues cab have non-health cause (challenge meeting and stress), and undesirable performance can have non-IQ and non-EQ causes.  In addition, each tool has its own comfort zone, including Western medicine.

We assess individuals at macro and micro levels, explore all associated causes, and fully utilize health and non-health tools (6Q) at different stages.  We often can solve the issues that others cannot or provide faster and better results.  Above all, we have been there.

Contact us to set up your appointment, save your dream, life and money!


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