G-Class: By Happy, Be Your Own Doctor First!

G-Class: By Happy, Be Your Own Doctor First!




Happiness optimizes productivity, creativity, social popularity and health.  About 70% of primary clinic visits are stress-related and can be well prevented.  No proper action will be taken unless the medical needs are identified. Would it be great for you to develop a habit to be happy and take proper health action if needed?

This 2-day program aim to empower individuals through case studies and group exercises, so they can.
• Take good care of self.
• Use healthcare system efficiently and avoid common health mistakes and unsuitable treatments.
• Develop a habit of being happy.

• Understand the human system and health care system.
• Learn the power of happiness on human mind and body.
• Take steps to develop a habit to be happy.
• Recognize common health needs, physical and mental, and take proper action.
• Know how to use the right experts and avoid unnecessary treatments
• Avoid common mistakes in the hospitals
• Learn to keep self at optimal level of performance.

– Those who desire to take charge of their health and life.
- Those whose happiness, health and productivity are critical to themselves and their family and business.

The next program:
Time: Jan.10-11, 2022, 10 am to 6 pm (Mon~Tue) , Los Angeles, CA and online


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